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  • Aaron Leitmannstetter

Nasal breathing

No, No, I have not been kidnapped.😜 I just tape my mouth occasionally to work on my breathing, often during sports and while sleeping at night.

As you know I have started to dig deep into breathing and I am extremely amazed!!

To me it is maybe the most powerful yet most underrated „tool“ to work on and with. We all take round about 20.000 breaths every single day - so the impact is HUGE when done right, or wrong

So, why the tape

I want to breath through my nose and not through my mouth, if possible 99,99% of all breaths I take.

Why? To keep it short despite the countless reasons:

-when breathing in through the nose the air gets FILTERED, TEMPERATED and HUMIDIFIED. Its almost like the first shield of the immune system (-interesting specially in those Corona times!) and it also allows our lunges to „use“ the air more effectively and deliver O2 throughout the body.

-Nose breathing generally is DEEPER and CALMER (diaphragmatic)

-Mouth breathing does the opposite, its FAST, SHALLOW and HIGH in the lungs (chest breathing).

Calmer breathing brings us in a PARASYMPATHETIC state. Here we feel well and safe, are in our center - our heart rate is lower, immune and digestive function are high and our body regenerates and heals itself.

Mouth breathing in contrary easily brings us in a SYMPATHETIC, stressed state (fight or flight response) which has the complete opposite effects.

Nasal breathing, slow and deep into our lungs also helps us to „use“ the air which we breathe in MORE EFFECTIVELY. We breathe less and not so much air gets lost in the process, also the important small air sacks are located in the lower part of the lungs!

These points are also important for sports because the whole body as a system will be more EFFICIENT.

Event though it will feel difficult in the beginning because the resistance when breathing through the nose is higher. (More about that soon! 😉)

Another point Id like to mention is the production of NITRIC OXIDE -which is mainly produced in the nose and is one of the most essential gases for maintenance of GOOD HEALTH.

When we breath through the nose we take the gas into our lunges and from there it gets spread throughout the body.

Amongst others, due to the mentioned point nasal breathing would also be extremely beneficial for people with ASTHMA and ALLERGIES!!

So far one of my favorite books I have read about this topic has been: „Oxygen Advantage“ by Patrick McKeown @buteycoclinic, he has also set up the @oxygenadvantage program. I have learned a lot from it, find it amazing and would really really recommend it to everybody. Also @kaspersfocus does great work in this field. And I have immense respect for both of them - Thank you!! 😊

I believe nasal breathing can be a total GAME CHANGER. Specially during SLEEP, SPORT and in STRESSFUL SITUATIONS.

But more about all of that very soon!

Stay healthy and have a great rest of the week!

Aaron ✌

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