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  • Aaron Leitmannstetter


All I brought to train in Slovenia is a KETTLEBELL, and it’s fun! 😉

I am a huge fan of KB training, it’s such a versatile tool and it can be all I need for a great workout!

A lot of exercises can be done that engage the WHOLE BODY, while being in a CONSTANT state of MOVING and work on STRENGTH, SPEED, ENDURANCE and BALANCE all at the same time.

Another great plus point for me (amongst many others) is that KB training sharpens my FOCUS and puts me in a “FLOW STATE”, specially during complex exercises...

Today I also messed around a bit, had some fun and did a lot of throws and other funky stuff. 😜

In the VIDEO you can see a version of a “THROW AND CATCH”, I find it great for GOLF, focusing on CORE STABILITY, while ROTATING and using EXPLOSIVE POWER from the GROUND. Also it challenges HAND EYE COORDINATION a bit! 😉

Another great version for me was the same exercise but with OPPOSITE arms used (left arm passing right knee when throwing/catching and right arm - left knee)

And yeah, the MOUTH TAPE - you know WHY! RIGHT!?? 😉💪🤙


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