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Aaron Leitmannstetter


About me:

As you know, sports is my life. I started to play golf at the age of 1,5 and made the decision to pursue a career in it when I was around 12 years old. I then played in several regional and national squats including the German National Team, before turning pro in 2013.
As a professional I started playing on the Pro Golf Tour and at the moment I’m playing on the MENA Golf and European Challenge Tour. My journey continues with the goal to play on the European and PGA Tour.

NAME: Aaron Leitmannstetter
BORN: 05.04.1993
FROM: Maitenbeth, Bavaria, Germany
BASE: Dubai / Maitenbeth
HOBBIES: I love sports (football, fitness, ski, snooker), travelling, reading and my family and friends, furthermore I am a big supporter of FC Bayern München

My achievements as a professional:

MENA Tour:
1. Ghala Open 2016, Oman
3. The Roar Joburg 2016, South Africa
2. Oman Classic 2015, Oman
8. Royal Golf Dar Es Salam Open 2013, Morocco
Several Top 25 positions

Pro Golf Tour:
11. Fulda Classic 2014, Germany
12. Open Lixus 2013, Morocco
Several top 25 positions

My achievements
as an amateur:

3. Boys Amateur Championship 2010
1. Hellenic Amateur Championship 2009
5. French Boys 2011
5. European Team Championship 2011
8. Austrian Amateur Championship 2010

Before repeatedly Bavarian Champion and nominated for serveral national and regional representitive teams.


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