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For as long as I can remember, sports has been my life and I was only about 1,5 years old when I picked up the golf club for the first time! 
I also played other sports in a high level but eventually decided to pursue a career in golf where I played in the German National Team and eventually turned pro in 2013.
I always had a big passion for everything related to optimizing my health and fitness. This compared with the fact that golf is such an individual sport made me start digging into these fields very early on.
Now, down my path I am blessed to meet many great individuals who teach me extremely valuable things. I test these things in "real life" because this is were in my opinion, wisdom lies...
Soon I learned to understand how immensely powerful both our body and mind can be but also realize how precious both are.
This is why I started this platform where I speak about the things I learn and share my HACK’S and RECOMMENDATIONS with you - so you can make your life better in every possible way and live it to the fullest…
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